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BehaVR Thrive

Bad habits and lifestyle choices that lead to chronic disease are unhealthy and unhelpful behaviors you can change.

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The BehaVR Thrive programs build on the foundational experience of BehaVR Balance, adding condition & behavior specific content and activations.

Thrive programs create experiences that educate and elicit emotional and physiological responses in patients, enabling a learning & feedback loop of positive change.


Co-Creation Partnerships

We sometimes partner with co-creators on Thrive programs, as we did with Evidence In Motion for our Pain Neuroscience Education program.

Comprehensive Approach

We blend established theories of behavior change, evidence-based clinical practice guidelines, and guided mindfulness practice into engaging, immersive experiences.

On-Demand Help

Our experience extends beyond VR to mobile so you can get the help you need when you need it most.

Personalized Treatment

We personalize educational and mindfulness content based on readiness to change, motivations, objectives, and concerns.

Continuous Improvement

Our experiences grow smarter and more effective over time through the power of machine learning.

Retain your patients. Grow your practice.


Of physical therapy patients fail to complete full course of care.


Of physical therapy patients drop out in their first 3 visits.


Of addiction recovery patients drop out during their first month.

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