Forging new mind & body connections that empower individuals to live their best life.

Despite unsustainable healthcare spending, prolific and often confusing guidance, and ubiquitous wellness & incentive programs, the health of our population continues to decline. We know what we SHOULD do to improve our health, but making sustained behavior change is often the hardest step.

BehaVR is a breakthrough, comprehensive platform for activating healthy behaviors and improving health outcomes. It leverages the emotional impact of immersive virtual reality experiences to forge new mind & body connections that empower individuals to live their best life.

Transforming Lives Today

  • Virtual reality (VR) has been studied and applied in healthcare for over two decades.
  • Today, VR costs are way down, while experience, quality, and impact is way up.
  • Our participant Net Promoter Score is 100% – Our experiences have a profound impact on behavior change and health outcomes.
  • Big data and machine learning enable ever-smarter solutions that adapt to each individual’s health needs.
We start with evidence-based research

Behavior change research is plentiful, and we have created a platform to scale practices and treatments that improve lives.

Creating amazing patient experiences

We use VR technology to create experiences that guide participants through a change journey that is personalized, engaging, and fun.

Physician guided treatments

Your clinical team remains in control of the BehaVR experience at all times, initiating and monitoring patient experiences from a physician console.

Integrates with practice systems

BehaVR shares assessments, experience elements, and patient reported outcomes to simplify patient tracking and encounter billing.

Our Research

20+ years of academic research and clinical practice has proven the power of virtual reality for mindfulness, pain management, and behavioral health applications such as treatment of PTSD, anxiety, and phobias.

Our experiences are based on clinical standards published by national health authorities and on prior clinically-proven VR therapies. Our in-house MD and team tailor this content to create compelling VR experiences. Current research is signaling potential breakthroughs in pain management and the prevention and treatment of opioid addictions.