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BehaVR Platform

BehaVR combines VR, mobility, cloud computing, and machine learning to create dynamic and personalized experiences.

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BehaVR has built a breakthrough, comprehensive platform for activating healthy behaviors and improving health outcomes. Our platform enables clinical organizations to extend their brand into new virtual patient care experiences.

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    Pain Neuroscience Education
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Workflow Engine

We change program structures without compiling or deploying any new code.

Dynamic Experience

Patient experiences are dynamically personalized using biometrics and data-driven algorithms.

Headset Management

Dynamically control what program content is running on which headset, in real-time.

Permissions & Security

HIPAA-compliant, encrypted data platform in the cloud. No patient data on any edge device, ever.

Biometrics Service

Real-time streaming patient biometrics dynamically modify VR content via the cloud.

From Analog to Digital

Analog behavior change techniques are expensive and capacity constrained. We have created a platform to digitally scale innovative treatments that improve lives.

Clinician Guided Treatments

Your clinical team remains in control of the BehaVR experience at all times, initiating and monitoring patient experiences from a physician administrative app.

Experiential, Not Cognitive

We use VR technology to create experiences that guide participants through a change journey that is personalized, engaging, and effective.

Integrates with Practice Systems

BehaVR shares assessments, experience elements, and patient reported outcomes to simplify patient tracking and encounter billing.

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