BehaVR Platform
Guiding patients every step of the way.

One of the most challenging parts of health events like surgeries is a feeling of being powerless. Patients face an overload of information but are often unsure of what will happen next and how they will get well.

With the BehaVR Body solution, we guide patients every step of the way. From pre-operative, to surgery, to post-operative and recovery, we provide a holistic experience that covers every phase.

Combining education, mindfulness, pain management, and patient outcomes reporting with virtual reality technology to give patients comfort and peace of mind throughout their episode of care.

Peace of Mind, Faster Healing, and Better Outcomes

It’s time to help patients approach major health events with confidence. Our solution provides the resources to better manage the full scope of healthcare procedures.

Better Patient Experiences

We improve patient experience through better education, reduced anxiety, and greater support.

Complete Care

From pre-operative, to surgery, to post-operative and recovery, we provide comprehensive, stage-sensitive education and guidance that covers every phase.

Healthier Patients

We improve patient ease and confidence through guided mindfulness practice focused on healing and a goal-oriented mindset.

Safer Pain Management

Our pain management experiences reduce the need for opioids, helping speed healing and avoid negative side-effects.

We can do better.


of orthopedic surgery patients report unused opioids.


of episode cost variation occurs in the post-acute period.

76% Increase

VR simulation increases retention & engagement 76% vs. traditional