Active Coping Skills

BehaVR Balance

Our foundational program teaches users stress resilience and emotion regulation.

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At BehaVR, our progressive, multi-session medical XR experiences are built upon Balance, our foundational program that teaches users stress resilience and emotion regulation—active coping.

The neurological and psychological power of VR is unmatched, making it an ideal vehicle to teach people the skills they need to optimize their stress responses, becoming less reactive and more resilient to stressors.

BehaVR leverages Balance across numerous clinical indications.

The study of the effect of the mind on health is a growing field. VR is a powerful tool to effect change and improve outcomes.

With Balance, we teach patients to turn off their body’s stress response at will using guided activation of the body’s parasympathetic nervous system.

We build resilience to triggers with guided and personalized mindfulness practice, emotion regulation practice and CBT exercises.

Balance disarms triggers that activate the stress response utilizing exposure therapy and extinction of learned responses.

Multiple programs. One platform.


Chronic Pain

We teach people how their nervous system really works, and how to gain the upper hand vs. chronic pain.

Addiction Recovery

We help people focus on what matters most, building motivation to change, and building skills to stay on the recovery path.

Chronic Stress

We build stress resilience and emotional regulation skills to improve coping behaviors and better health outcomes.

Calming Experiences

Experiences that elicit positive emotion and beneficial physiological responses.


Digitized and automated motivational interviewing allows personalization of activations.


Improved health literacy and knowledge retention through the power of embodied and immersive learning.


Mindfulness; Emotional Regulation; Identifying inconsistencies in values and behaviors

We can do better.


Net Promoter Score of our Pain Neuroscience Education Program


Reduction in inflammatory and hormonal biomarkers


Increased retention & engagement vs. traditional teaching

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