Managing stress effectively is a foundational skill for health.

Modern life is full of stressors – from money, the workplace, politics, crime, social media and more.  In the absence of coping skills & strategies, our body’s homeostasis is challenged and difficult to maintain.

The BehaVR Balance program equips patients with the understanding and stress resilience skills they need to reduce and reverse the harmful effects of chronic stress.

Stress Resilience, Peace of Mind, Faster Healing, and Better Outcomes

Chronic activation of the stress response is implicated in 75-90% of human disease.  There are also suspected common pathways for stress-related diseases based on chronic mild inflammation.  These chronic stress and inflammation effects worsen cardiovascular health, diabetes, pain, metabolic disease, depression and more.  

Calming Experiences

Experiences that elicit positive emotion and beneficial physiological responses.


Improved health literacy and knowledge retention through the power of embodied and immersive learning.


Digitized and automated motivational interviewing allows personalization of activations.


Mindfulness; Emotional Regulation; Identifying inconsistencies in values and behaviors

We can do better.


Net Promoter Score of our Pain Neuroscience Education Program


Reduction in inflammatory and hormonal biomarkers

76% Increase

Increased retention & engagement vs. traditional teaching