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Timothy Klanderud

Technical Artist / 3D Generalist

Tim is an artist who has a great interest in art, games and new technology.

In early elementary school he broke world records on the Nintendo game console sometimes tripling the highest score. During high school he was recognized for his fabrication skills and started working on drones for James Cameron’s movie Titanic and for the exploration of the steamship RMS Titanic. Once the work was completed he attended a well renowned art school Schuler School of Fine Art. He received training from Hans Schuler Jr., techniques originally derived from the famous sculptors Hans Schuler Sr. and Rodin Augusta and received a 4-year diploma. He also received a degree at Anne Arundel Community College (AACC) in Communication Arts and Technology and certified in Engineering and Technology and as well as various AWS certificates. During his time at AACC he worked at the school as an intern creating videos and graphics for the college and Anne Arundel County Police Department.

After graduating he became an employee for the United States Department of Defense (DOD), creating simulation and graphics for various agencies (NSA, CIA, DARPA, FBI, Smithsonian, NASA), military branches (USMC, USN, USAF, USA) and allied agency (SDF, MI5, MI6). Later he worked in Tokyo creating commercials and ads for various companies including Hitachi, Honda, Toyota, Toneplus, SAMP, Canon, Sony Ericsson, Nissan, IRC Tire, Kyocera, Japan Rail, JT, Alesion, Michelin, Citizen, Tokyo Star Bank, Isuzu, GE, Samsung, Cadillac, Isuzu, Koso and National Museum of Nature and Science in Tokyo.

Tim believes 3D and VR is a great tool that has wide variety of uses for entertainment, education, and health.

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