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Sarah Zadd

Product Manager

Sarah has worked in health technology for over 7.5 years, holding positions in sales/marketing, project management, and product management.  Over time, her focus has shifted solely to product, where she felt she could have the greatest impact.  

Sarah has sought out companies and roles that develop products with a direct impact on clinical outcomes for patients with Behavioral Health and Substance Use Disorders (SUD).  As such, she has had the opportunity to work on products for Nashville-based companies, Qualifacts, Behavioral Health SaaS EHR vendor, and axialHealthcare, leading the vision for their provider enablement solutions and helping launch their recovery solutions for individuals with SUD.

Passionate by how technology can be applied to supplement and complement providers to improve patient care, she is excited to join the team at BehaVR and for the opportunity to explore the possibilities of VR in healthcare.

Sarah holds a Bachelor’s degree from Cleveland State University in Communications, with a focus on Health Promotion and Behavior Change.

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