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Edmund Ager

Customer Success Professional

After spending more than 10 years in Network Architecture designing system analysis software for factory production giants such as General Electric and Ford, Edmund has found his truth utilizing his IT background to bring Neuroscience and Virtual Reality into the forefront of Behavioral Health.

Realizing this truth enables Edmund to bring his expertise to the hardware and software distribution aspects of BehaVR, with the desire to merge Technology and Psychology to produce a more potent and healthy understanding of our minds in totality.

Edmund holds an AS in Arts and Sciences from Kentucky State University, a BA in Interdisciplinary Business Studies from Sullivan University Louisville and is currently obtaining his MS in IT Management. Dedication can not only be directed inward, so he makes sure to find the time to volunteer in his own community, either through the Wounded Warrior projects held in honor of military Veterans making the transition back into the population, or with the Humane Society finding animals refuge with loving families.

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