A Webinar with Adriaan Louw, PT, PhD : “Pain Neuroscience Education & Virtual Reality”, featuring Aaron Gani

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“What is Pain Neuroscience Education? It’s the idea that we’ve learned a lot about pain in the last 15 years, it’s mind-boggling […] but none of it matters unless we take it to our patients. It shouldn’t be lost on us that there is an opioid crisis happening in the US and today alone, 130 americans will unfortunately pass away because of the opioid epidemic. And we are all part of that the day we join healthcare. We are part of this problem, but we’re also part of the solution […] Pain Neuroscience Education is taking the amazing Neuroscience and putting it in a format so that patients can say that it really helped them and made their lives better […] The BehaVR virtual reality system puts the patient in the VR environment and addresses PNE, breathing, biofeedback, relaxation and meditation, coping skills, and much more. All of which are part of the “anti-opioid” program that is being used in the VA in the US as part of their anti-opioid initiative.

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